September 2017 Meetup Recap

We had a great event at CMD on Tuesday, 9/12, after taking a few months off from events. Thanks to the nearly 50 attendees, our panelists, and of course CMD for hosting the evening, complete with drinks and pizza!

The subject for the night was “Getting Strategic” where we covered a variety of topics relating to how to be strategic (and bring a strategic mindset) as a project manager/producer. Our panel for the evening consisted of Kristin Andrus, Sharon Huber, and Amber Stansfield, with moderator Cherie Martin Irwin.

Some of the key insights about how to be a strategic PM from the night touched on recurring topics, including:

  • Continually asking “why” of yourself, your team, your client, and other stakeholders. Getting to the root of requests, decisions, and goals is key to your ability to guide your team through the ambiguity that can exist in projects.
  • The importance of being able to step back from the day-to-day grind that can exist on projects (and having mechanisms to make that possible) to keep the big picture in mind (plus helping your team and clients do the same)
  • Needing to seek feedback from your team, your clients, and your mentors on areas of potential personal growth.
  • Treat your project teams with the same approach you would for an overall organization’s strategy, to some extent. You hold the vision for the project, know the goals, and steer the team to successful outcomes.
  • Find resources on business, team, and project strategy. Peter Drucker was one name that came up!

Most importantly, the entire group of panelists touched on the idea that to some extent, all positions need to be strategic – this isn’t just a useful skillset and mindset for PMs. But given the PM role as the “glue” on many teams, it’s a critical role where the more strategic the PM, the better.

Stay tuned for details on our next events in the coming months!

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