Portland Digital PM Profile: Adam Edgerton

Hello all! If we haven’t previously been acquainted, I’m Adam Edgerton, the primary person pulling the strings behind PDX Digital PM to date. I’m also the Director of Project Management at Metal Toad here in Portland.

My profile post is going to be a bit different than our previous ones, because I posted a version of it on the Metal Toad blog, so no need to duplicate the content here:

My profile piece on the Metal Toad blog


That profile leaves a few questions unanswered compared to the profiles on this site, so I figured I’d add those as well:

Who are you, and what you enjoy most about your current organization?

I’m a long-time tech geek and business/marketing professional that realized I had a penchant for digital projects and project management. I feel very much at home a Metal Toad, an agency that intentionally specializes in web engineering and development. We partner with other creative teams rather than doing most design and creative work in-house, which frees us up to focus on mastery of the technology side of things. That said, it also puts more onus on our PMs (who are the primary contact with creative partners) to have a strong understanding of both the creative and development sides of the equation to get to a successfully shipped web project.

The thing I enjoy most about Metal Toad is the team. We have the best team of developers I’ve ever worked with, and I’m happy to have heard them return the same compliment from time to time. There’s no us versus them mentality, and we’re all good at coming together to solve problems and ship projects.

What do you enjoy when you’re not busy managing projects?

While I enjoy the occasional downtime in my personal life, I still very much love to fill my time with “projects” of sorts. I enjoy all sorts of athleticism and outdoors activities, particularly when those two come together in the form of cycling, running, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, and more. My artistic outlet is photography (while I’d never go down the road of professional photography, I have occasional dreams of being a traveling National Geographic photographer in retirement), and I also like to cook when time allows. I also like to ponder project management, general process, and how to work better. I’m excited to get PDX Digital PM off the ground, because I think it’ll inspire and motivate the community as a whole to work better and smarter.

Do you have a work or personal blog where you share about digital project management? Where else can you be found online?

I blog semi-regularly on the Metal Toad Blog, with my most notable posts to date likely being the Successful Digital PM series I put together earlier this year.

Beyond that, find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and unlike many “photographers” I even enjoy Instagram. If that’s not enough social network options, pick your poison at adamedgerton.com, which links to all of them, some much more up to date than others.

I need help!

No, that’s not a question. As I alluded to above, I’m the founder of PDX Digital PM. I’m looking for some long-term partners in crime to help distribute the workload of getting the community off the ground and sustaining it over the coming months and years. If that’s you, please reach out! adam@pdxdigitalpm.com

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