One Week Until May’s Meetup!

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This month we’re taking a brief hiatus in the ongoing small group breakout meetup format where we’ve been working our way through the elements of the project life cycle. Instead, I’ll be taking over this month’s event to present a (hopefully) informative and useful dry run of the session I’ll be giving at Drupalcon Austin coming up in early June.


The presentation title is:

Oh Look, We’re Growing!
A PM Approach to Scaling People, Process and Tools

The session talks about a framework for service organization growth that’s founded in my experience as Metal Toad has grown over the past three years. It features such concepts as the difference between scaling projects and scaling organizations, unit change as a result of growth, two pizza teams, and Brooke’s Law. I encourage you to come and provide your feedback on areas to improve clarity, low-value slides that shouldn’t make the cut, and what’s missing all-together so that I can make sure the session is strong for the main event!

We’ll be back at ISITE Design where we hosted the first meetup back in January. Show up around 5:30PM to mingle and get settled, and the presentation will begin at 6PM.


Please RSVP on Eventbrite if you’ll be able to attend, and I look forward to seeing you there!

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