October’s Meetup Details and RSVP

After taking September off, we’ll be back in action for our October monthly meetup at Struck in inner SE. It’ll be at 5:30pm on Tuesday, October 6th. We’re very grateful to have Struck as a first-time host, in their new offices!

Following on from a great discussion in August (working with those in different roles) we’ll tackle a similar topic. This time we’ll look at how to build and motivate teams. Motivation is the key to keeping teams moving forward and producing quality work. Mature project managers understand how motivation impacts projects, and tactics to increase each team member’s motivation individually.

In three separate conversation groups, we’ll cover these areas of focus:

  • How to motivate in times of stress and deadlines
  • How to motivate in slower times with low stress and no deadlines
  • How to read/understand different personality types and motivate based on personality

Join us on Oct 6th with your own questions, frustrations, and solutions. RSVP right here, and we’ll see you at 5:30pm on the 6th!

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