October 2015 Meetup Recap

Struck played host for our October meetup this past Tuesday, October 6th. We got to tour their new office (including the rooftop deck) and enjoy light snacks and drinks. The topic for the evening was team building and motivation tactics, with Katherine Cochran, Robyn Reynolds, and myself facilitating three breakout groups.

During the evening we covered three main subtopics, with a number of great insights and takeaways! Just a small sampling:

Motivating a team during times of stress

  • Being a part of the team and showing equal commitment is key to getting team buy-in.
  • Consider love languages when it comes to rewarding, thanking, and motivating your team!

Motivating a team when work is slow and not stressful

  • This scenario plays out from time to time and can be equally or more difficult, as many people aren’t as productive without some healthy deadline pressure.
  • Finding productive projects to improve the team and allow team members to explore personal passions while building skills is a great use of slower periods.

How to identify and work with different personality types

  • Introverts and extroverts aren’t necessarily quiet and talkative respectively. Instead, the definition identifies how people draw energy and recharge (by being alone or with people).
  • Personality tests and exams can be useful, but should be tools for individuals to use to understand themselves, and NOT tools that organizations use to label people.

Huge thanks to Struck for hosting! Next month we’ll be at Citizen on November 10th. Stay tuned for details!

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