Portland's Meetup for PMs and Producers

PDX Digital PM hosts free meetups to discuss digital project management most months on the second Tuesday of the month. See posts tagged "meetups" on our blog or our Eventbrite page for details on upcoming meetups. We hope to see you there!

But Why?

Portland's digital project management and production community is underserved when it comes to sharing knowledge and raising the status of the role industry-wide. Project management for the web is still in its infancy, piecing together elements of agency production, software project management, and digital strategy in a diverse role that requires a great degree of smarts and skill. Let's get together to share our stories and experiences in an effort to all be better project managers. Specific goals of the meetups are to:
  • Introduce the members of the Portland digital PM scene to each other and foster community
  • Share knowledge and practices to make Portland's project managers better on the whole
  • Elevate the status and perception of the digital project manager’s role and its importance in successful projects
  • Provide insights into some of the most successful organizations in Portland from a PM standpoint

Who Should Come?

You! The group's primary focus is on the discipline of digital project management, and anyone who takes an interest in that subject is welcome. The agenda and subjects will be specifically designed for the following roles with a focus on digital and web technologies:
  • Project managers
  • Producers
  • Product managers
  • Strategists
  • Account managers
  • Agency generalists/wearers of many hats
  • Small shops and freelancers looking to improve their production process
  • Devs and designers who want to work better with their project teams

Who Should NOT Come?

As a general rule, no recruiters are allowed at PDX Digital PM meetups.

Recruiting efforts at meetups are generally not conducive to the friendly and collaborative environment we're looking to create. Organizations sponsoring the event (which won't include recruiting firms) will be given a brief introduction which may include mention of open positions, but beyond that, job talk is generally discouraged. Trade business cards and chat later in order to focus on our goal of raising the status of the digital PM role in Portland as a whole.

Beyond that, all are welcome. If you're a project manager in another discipline (construction, industrial, etc.), you might find the topics covered of lesser value, but we won't turn you away.

What's the Agenda?

While the format for each meetup may differ slightly, the general agenda will be:
  • 30 minutes prior: Arrive and casual networking
  • First 30 minutes: Presentation from a member of the community or a panel discussion/Q&A
  • Minutes 30-60: Small group breakout discussions between attending organizations & individual attendees
  • Minutes 60-90: Wrap-up and casual networking

When is the Next Meetup?

Meetups are generally held on the second Tuesday of the month. Specific meetup details are posted tagged "meetups" on our blog, with registration via Eventbrite. There are several easy options to stay up to date on upcoming meetups: