May Meetup Recap

Our May meetup was held at Postano in downtown Portland last Tuesday, May 12th. We discussed topics surrounding working remotely, and navigating that sometimes difficult aspect of modern working life.

We talked through both the benefits and the drawbacks of working with remote teams, as well as some best management tips.

Here were some of the Pros that rose to the top:

  • Tools for working remotely and electronically have vastly improved
  • Often team members can work even faster apart from the classic office setting
  • Team members enjoy increased flexibility
  • Time zone or even location differences can work towards a project’s advantage at times

Here were some of the Cons that rose to the top:

  • Lack of team-building and morale contribution
  • Communication break downs
  • Delays in work and feedback
  • Added travel costs

With all challenges that arise in our industry, Project Managers are notorious for figuring out solutions! Tools to improve remote working relationships range from digital collaboration programs to old fashioned communication techniques.

This month was another great meet-up. We’re looking forward to a fun-filled summer of more monthly events. Stay tuned for information on next month’s meet-up at eROI!

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