March Meetup Recap

On March 10th, COPIOUS hosted one of our most informative meet-ups thus far. We were fortunate to be joined by four very smart, passionate, seasoned panelists:

  • Steve Winters
  • David Lowe-Rogstad
  • Rachel Petzold
  • Alex MacMillan

The topic this time was Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, and Handling difficult situations as a PM. Nearly everyone in the audience could relate to the tough questions we posed to our panelists. They shared their philosophies, experience, and knowledge of internal and external project management. Our panelists also brought a rich range of backgrounds, from psychology to accounting to business ownership.

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Photo credit: Adrienne Barnett

Some of the best advice from the night is below:

  • Emotional intelligence is important for project managers, because no matter how much technology changes, PM’s need to pick up on other’s feelings through the technology
  • One of the most difficult situations to manage is when a team member or client is showing one emotion (such as Fear, Apathy, even Excitement), that’s potentially covering another emotion
  • Every good PM must know their team members individually – what motivates them, makes them tick, and what they value most
  • Facilitate a comfortable setting that encourages honesty, positivity, and truth without judgement, tailored to each team member’s preferences
  • Be ready to take the blame for your team members
  • Neither clients or internal teams should feel you are “aligned” with one side
  • Remind clients where you’ve come and how to celebrate the wins, no matter the outcome


Photo credit: Adrienne Barnett

Emotional Intelligence is one thing that separates a good from a great project manager. We heard some great tips on how to handle difficult situations, and look forward to hearing more from our panelists in future meet-ups.

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Photo credit: Adrienne Barnett

Ready for more project management hacks? Check back here for details on our next meet-up, scheduled for Tuesday April 14th. We’ll be discussing Your Project Management Career.

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