June’s Meetup Details & RSVP

Next Tuesday, June 9th, join us for our next meet-up at eROI in Old Town!

This month we’ll have a short seminar-style presentation by our very own Adam Edgerton, plus a more in-depth follow-up discussion.

Adam will share with us his OSBridge presentation on “Project Fear” and its relation to imposter syndrome. The talk will define what project fear is, the conditions that create it, identify symptoms and ramifications of when project fear runs rampant, and identify top tips to alleviate it.

He’ll also open up to the group to receive feedback on his dry-run, and facilitate a discussion following. We’d like to hear both everyone’s personal experiences with feelings of fear on projects, plus any feedback or validation about Adam’s presentation prior to sharing it at the conference.

RSVP today on Eventbrite to claim your seat! See you all there – 5:30pm on June 9th, at eROI.

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