June “Agile-ish” Meetup Recap

Thanks again to Parliament for hosting this month’s meetup! We had a great crowd of almost 50 people turn up for our topic of the evening: the agency process mashup we dubbed “Agile-ish” that includes agile elements in a variety of agency and client-specific project processes.


Our panel was facilitated by Parliament Strategist Nathan Crawford and consisted of Colten Tidwell from Gravitate Design, Bryan Martz from Nike, and Charles Vestal from Uncorked Studios. They each provided unique insights into how their organizations blend agile elements into their processes. One big takeaway? Most agencies aren’t able to fully adopt an agile process, particularly when it comes to selling projects to clients.

Charles and the others repeatedly emphasized the importance of trust between client and agency when it comes to engagements with an agile approach. That level of trust is not generally established prior to phase 1 of a project with a new client, unfortunately. A few other notes from the evening:

  • A strong product owner on the client’s side is a great help in making sure agile agency projects are successful (or are possible in the first place)
  • The best components of agile for application in an agency environment? The regular demoing of progress for clients, thinking in smaller iterations for the team, and the concept of ongoing deliverables and releases as opposed to a project ever being completely “done” with the work.
  • The most difficult agile components of agile for an agency? Getting away from hours-based estimation, integrating design and development within sprints, and getting clients to buy off on an agile non-fixed scope in the first place!

Thanks to all who participated and showed up. Stay tuned for our next event announcement!

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