June 2014 Meetup Recap

This past month we wound up at FINE Design for June’s meetup, and they rolled out the red carpet. Between their bright, open office space, comfy seating and the best food and drink spread of a meetup yet, they win an award for outstanding host! See their photo gallery from the event, or read on for a brief recap.



Like previous months, we used a breakout group format to get more into the details of a particular portion of the overall digital project life cycle. After initial hellos and networking, Lori Dunkin gave an introduction to FINE and some of the angency’s recent work, and then we split into two groups to get into the topic at hand.


This month we covered the development phase. That’s a huge topic for a single session, so we had two more focused subjects: Agile versus Waterfall process and working with developers.

In the Agile versus Waterfall group, a surprisingly low number of hands went up in regards to experience with agile, considering it was one of the hot topics at last year’s Digital PM Summit and always seems to be a point of debate between agencies, particularly when it comes to creative and design in an agile format. Some high-level takeaways included that 1) most organizations do customize process to meet client needs, and will be more agile or more waterfall based on their client (whether they specifically call it one of those things or not) 2) buy-in on process from clients and having a strong stakeholder (or Product Owner in Agile) can spell success or failure on projects, and 3) Elements of Agile (scrums, demos, retrospectives, etc.) are useful regardless of the overall process used on a project.



In the working with developers group, we addressed complexities of personality types with developers, process buy-in, and tools to communicate effectively with development teams. Specific topics covered included how to allow developers to work heads-down effectively while still communicating what they’re up to, communication channels via email, instant-message, and in-person, introversion versus extroversion, and considering love languages when it comes to work environments.



Stay tuned for details and RSVP for July’s meetup later this week!

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