June ’15 Meetup Recap

Thanks to all those who came out for this month’s meetup at eROI! Gerry, Ryan, and the whole team at eROI were very accommodating and gracious in allowing us use of their space. We had a great crew of approximately 30 attendees at least twice that many cookies!

The night kicked off with some mingling, and then I (Adam) gave a dry run of my draft presentation for OSBridge entitled “Project Fear,” which deals with a universal issue that project managers experience related somewhat to imposter syndrome. I gave project fear three interrelated definitions:

  • Imposter syndrome (and negative self-confidence impact) plus the added factor of control (or lack thereof) involved in managing projects
  • Pessimism or a perceived lack of control to avoid project failure (while self-confidence remains intact)
  • Being beaten down by the reality that projects are always messy and some level of failure is inevitable (which can lead to dangerous levels of apathy)

Following my presentation, I called for personal stories of project fear that I can incorporate into my talk. If you have one you’d like to share, please email me at adam@pdxdigitalpm.com! I also mentioned the PM Bill of Rights that we developed while I was at Metal Toad; check out details on the blog post I wrote a while back.

We look forward to seeing you for our next meetup on July 14th at Instrument! Keep an eye out for that RSVP in the next few weeks. If you want to stay up on all of our events, be sure to make sure you’re on the mailing list!


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