July 2014 Meeting Recap

On July 8th, we all converged at Metal Toad, home to many of our PDX Digital PM participants! They were kind enough to host us in their ever-shrinking office space in the heart of downtown. We even witnessed their impressive keg-volume-gauge app in action!

Like previous months, we split into breakout groups and explored a phase of the digital project life cycle. After initial snacking and networking, Adam Edgerton introduced us to Metal Toad, and then we divided into two focused discussion rooms.

This month we covered the QA phase. Specifically we looked at it from two angles: Internal QA Process and Client Interaction with QA.

In general, many of our companies use similar tools for internal QA, and follow a similar process. However when it came to client-facing QA, there is little standardization. The biggest frustration between both groups was getting clients to identify a problem (actual bug) and not the solution (preference).

For Internal QA, few of us are using automated testing systems, due to size and scope of our projects. A couple PM’s find Diffux helpful to see what has changed on a site. JIRA capture was another popular tool. ***Other key takeaways?*

One of the reasons groups like this are so helpful for PM’s is the information sharing that happens during our discussions. Here are a few best practices for client QA that our group shared: 1) Have the client involved in the QA phase, whether that’s creating tickets themselves, or daily check-ins on progress, 2) Determine an objective system for defining bugs with the client before starting a project, 3) Set clear expectations on the outcome of site, page, even down to each action, 4) Reserve some of your team’s resources for forward thinking.

The group requested to socialize the systems we’ve found successful in accomplishing the above. Please reach out if you’d like to share your Bug definitions, client QA tools, or change-order alert systems!

Stay tuned for details and RSVP for August’s meetup shortly!

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