January 2016 Meetup Recap

Last Tuesday January 12th, Emerge Interactive hosted a great first meet-up of 2016. It was great to see everyone again as we kicked of the new year off right!


Our discussion this month surrounded an atypical Project Management topic – Business Development. We had a mix of PM’s, Directors, and Biz Dev people represented in our circle, which led to an enlightening cross-functional talk.


We all shared our own experiences and advice based in these areas:

  • Looking for larger opportunities with clients outside of existing daily projects
  • Aligning organizational goals between the Biz Dev and PM teams
  • Defining when Project Management should enter the Biz Dev process
  • Project Management’s role in making sure projects are sold in at a sustainable scope

All of us left with some new ideas to try in our own companies to unite Business Development and Project Management teams closer together.

Join us next month on Tuesday, February 9th for next meet-up. RSVP link to come!


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