January 2014 Meetup Recap (Now with Audio!)


First off a huge thank you to plenty of people:

  • To our panelists Jenny, Amie, Lori, and Matt for a great conversation
  • To Chris from Subtext for DJing and Steve from Metal Toad for recording the meetup
  • To Katie and Krista from Metal Toad for helping with check-in
  • To Stephanie for taking some great photos of the event
  • To Natalie and the team at ISITE for hosting the event
  • To the 30+ people who responded to the PM Profile survey (not too late to add your response!)
  • To the 54 attendees for filling the room and making for a great first meetup!


Slides & Audio

We went for just over an hour on topics relating to the role and the organizations we work at, with some great moments and sound bites. Check out the slides from the event! If you’d like to listen to the event in its full duration, the audio is available for download too!


Event Feedback

If there’s any feedback you’d like to provide on the event and suggestions on things you’d like to see in future events or ways to improve, please respond to a brief post-event survey. If you want to post an event recap, please share with us (email info@pdxdigitalpm.com) and we’ll compile and link to any other recaps.

Next Meetup

From here, it’s on to the February meetup, scheduled for February 11th with a few details still TBD. Watch for an RSVP link soon, or join the mailing list to be the first notified!

Thanks to all who came, and if you didn’t make it, we hope to see you next time!


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