I’ve had “start a meetup for digital project managers in Portland” on my to-do list for a while. But I have to thank Brett Harned and the crew that put on the first ever Digital PM Summit in Philadelphia last month for the inspiration. Getting together with a group of 150 like-minded professionals proved to be a huge boost in motivation, not to mention a fun time! During a lunchtime meetup on holding meetups, we ended up discussing details of getting a meetup started. My event planning background gave me most of the details I needed, but that conversation helped light the fire under me to get around to my plans.

Jeffery Zeldman Digital PM Summit 2013

The PM Summit also provided plenty of great ideas regarding content for a meetup. With speakers ranging from Jeffrey Zeldman to Sam Barnes, knowledge was flowing fast and furious! I also had the opportunity to present a lightning talk on project manager retention, which was seemingly well-received.


There were lots of great moments at the Digital PM Summit, but for some highlights, check out my “Sound Bytes” blog post. If the PDX Digital PM meetup provides even a fraction of the inspiration and knowledge sharing that the Summit did, I can’t wait for what’s in store!


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