Join Portland's Digital PM Community

Digital project managers and producers serve a unique and vital role when it comes to shipping successful projects. The role morphed out of the collision of web development, software engineering, and creative agencies. Given the ever-changing complex nature of the web and the less than two decades of history for the role, there is a lack of thought leadership in the digital PM space and only a fledgling community worldwide. It's time to change that by coming together to answer some important questions:

  • How do we collectively get better at our jobs?
  • How do we bring increased credibility to the digital PM role?
  • What common problematic scenarios do we encounter and what are the best strategies for those problems?
  • What are the most successful processes to ship projects?
  • What tools can make our lives easier?

The Portland tech and agency communities are small and tight-knit, so let's bring a feeling of increased community to the digital PM role in Portland as well. PDX Digital PM has two primary goals:

  • Bring digital PMs together via in-person meetups
  • Serve as a voice for the community and amplify the voices of its members

That's where you come in!

Get Involved

The simplest way to get involved is to attend a monthly meetup. Beyond that, there are a number of other ways you can contribute:

Join us on Slack

We have a Slack group set up for real-time knowledge sharing and conversation. Join us!

Let us Promote You

Share your thoughts on digital project management with a blog post, on social media, or via other online formats. Then let us know about it and we'll promote it and share it as far and wide as we can with the rest of the community!

Write for Our Blog

Become a regular contributor to the PDX Digital PM blog. We're looking for both one-time guest posts and regular contributors who want to share with the rest of the community.

Sponsor PDX Digital PM

The meetups don't happen without the help of our sponsors. We need help with:
  • Event location sponsorship
  • Food and beverage sponsorship
  • Cash sponsorship to cover event costs
Interested? Check out our sponsors page.

Join the Organizing Team

We're looking for at least one more partner in crime to join as a co-organizer. Interested in helping with sponsorship coordination, event promotion, or general logistics? Please contact us.

About the Organizers

Adam Edgerton - Founder

Adam is currently a Senior Producer at Instrument. He has spent the past seven years wrangling projects and supporting project teams of all shapes and sizes on both the client side and agency side. Along the way, he’s had the privilege of working with numerous industry leading-organizations including Nike, Sequoia Capital, DC Comics, Sony, PBS, and Intel. He's also looking to replace himself with someone new to lead this group. Could that be you?

When not busy leading projects, he blogs about project management and operations topics. You can connect with him on Twitter @adamedgerton and on LinkedIn.

Angel Sanford

Angel Sanford is currently an interactive producer at Owen Jones.

As a part of the PDX Digital PM group, she continues to learn more about the tools and processes other PM's use with hopes to implement them into her own projects.

Jeanne Scilley

Jeanne is currently a Senior Global Project Manager at Wacom. Over a span of 16 years on both agency and client sides, Jeanne has worked with a myriad of clients including but not limited to Intel, Nike, adidas, Wells Fargo, Providence Health Care, Google, Adobe, Samsung, and Agilent Technologies.