November’s Meetup Details and RSVP

Stay dry out there, and join our November meet up next week. We’ll be at Citizen in NW Portland next Tuesday, November 10th at 5:30pm. This month we’ll discuss how a variety of scale impacts different projects. We’ll talk through approaches for small, medium, and large projects, and why certain processes may work well for one size project but […]

October 2015 Meetup Recap

Struck played host for our October meetup this past Tuesday, October 6th. We got to tour their new office (including the rooftop deck) and enjoy light snacks and drinks. The topic for the evening was team building and motivation tactics, with Katherine Cochran, Robyn Reynolds, and myself facilitating three breakout groups. During the evening we covered three […]

October’s Meetup Details and RSVP

After taking September off, we’ll be back in action for our October monthly meetup at Struck in inner SE. It’ll be at 5:30pm on Tuesday, October 6th. We’re very grateful to have Struck as a first-time host, in their new offices! Following on from a great discussion in August (working with those in different roles) we’ll […]

August ’15 Meetup Recap

We had a great time at Pop Art on Tuesday August 25th. Our hosts were generous as always, and very involved in leading our discussion about successful communication between PM’s and other common workplace roles. After a greeting and introduction to Pop Art from President Paul, we broke out into three discussion groups, with a chance […]

August’s Meetup Details & RSVP

Join us on Tuesday, August 25th for our next meet-up! We switched things up this month by having our event on the last Tuesday, so we can take a break in September. Hosted by Pop Art in inner NE Portland, we’ll discuss the “soft skills” of project management. We’ll take a deeper dive into understanding how PMs successfully work with […]

July ’15 Meetup Recap

Last Tuesday, July 14th we were hosted by Instrument in inner NE, home to a large group of talented Producers. They put on the whole event from delicious snacks all the way to content and panelists. We had an overwhelming amount of RSVP’s, and really appreciate Instrument getting involved in our PM community. Our panelists were Instrument […]

July’s Meetup Details and RSVP

We’ll be at Instrument on Tuesday, July 14th, for our next meet-up! This time, our generous hosts are leading the discussion, with a panel on “Anti-Process.” This concept is a new way to manage projects while allowing producers to be independent creative thinkers. The focus is on encouraging a team to find “the best approach for the work” rather […]

June ’15 Meetup Recap

Thanks to all those who came out for this month’s meetup at eROI! Gerry, Ryan, and the whole team at eROI were very accommodating and gracious in allowing us use of their space. We had a great crew of approximately 30 attendees at least twice that many cookies! The night kicked off with some mingling, […]

June’s Meetup Details & RSVP

Next Tuesday, June 9th, join us for our next meet-up at eROI in Old Town! This month we’ll have a short seminar-style presentation by our very own Adam Edgerton, plus a more in-depth follow-up discussion. Adam will share with us his OSBridge presentation on “Project Fear” and its relation to imposter syndrome. The talk will define what […]

May Meetup Recap

Our May meetup was held at Postano in downtown Portland last Tuesday, May 12th. We discussed topics surrounding working remotely, and navigating that sometimes difficult aspect of modern working life. We talked through both the benefits and the drawbacks of working with remote teams, as well as some best management tips. Here were some of the Pros that rose to […]