August 2014 Meetup Recap

August’s meetup was held on the 12th of this month at Cinco Design, and we wrapped up the months-long series of topics that has taken us from start to finish on a web project. This time around the topic was “Getting to Launch” and included lots of great talks about the strategies of successful project […]

August’s Meetup Details & RSVP

PDX Digital PM has been meeting up monthly for seven months now, and we’re nearing the end of our web project life cycle discussion series! If you’ve missed out on any of the phases, catch up on previous meetups by reading the recaps on our blog. Thanks to all those who have hosted, facilitated discussions, and […]

July 2014 Meeting Recap

On July 8th, we all converged at Metal Toad, home to many of our PDX Digital PM participants! They were kind enough to host us in their ever-shrinking office space in the heart of downtown. We even witnessed their impressive keg-volume-gauge app in action! Like previous months, we split into breakout groups and explored a phase […]

July’s Meetup Details & RSVP

It’s been half a year of PDX Digital PM meetups, and things are still going strong. If you’ve missed out on the action, catch up on previous meetups by reading some recaps on our blog. Thanks to all those who have hosted, facilitated discussions, and attended so far. We’re excited to be getting an organizing […]

June 2014 Meetup Recap

This past month we wound up at FINE Design for June’s meetup, and they rolled out the red carpet. Between their bright, open office space, comfy seating and the best food and drink spread of a meetup yet, they win an award for outstanding host! See their photo gallery from the event, or read on for […]

June’s Meetup Details! Talking Development Phase Next Tuesday.

Come join us at FINE Design next Tuesday evening for June’s meetup! I’m personally very excited about this one because we’ll be going a bit deeper into the meat of the development phase by talking about things like agile versus waterfall, working with developers, and other fun topics where everyone has experience and opinions on how best […]

A Call for an Organizing Committee!

PDX Digital PM has gotten off to a great start, and to make sure it continues to grow and evolve in a healthy fashion, it’s time to move away from a single founder running the show. It’s time to put together a small committee to organize and run future meetups! I’ve received lots of offers […]

A Quick Recap of May’s Meetup at ISITE

Thanks to all who came to last week’s meetup at ISITE Design. In a break from the small group format of previous months, I took the hour-long event to present the first dry run of my session for Drupalcon Austin coming up in a few weeks. The talk covers my experience of a growing digital […]

One Week Until May’s Meetup!

RSVP for May’s meetup today! This month we’re taking a brief hiatus in the ongoing small group breakout meetup format where we’ve been working our way through the elements of the project life cycle. Instead, I’ll be taking over this month’s event to present a (hopefully) informative and useful dry run of the session I’ll be giving at […]

Recapping April’s PDX Digital PM Meetup

Thanks to all who made it out for another great meetup in April! We had roughly 35 attendees who spent several hours last Tuesday evening chatting about project documentation. Special thanks to: Swift for hosting the meetup at their spacious office (and Rachel Havens for coordinating the space, snacks, and beverages) Lori Dunkin at FINE […]