August 2014 Meetup Recap

August’s meetup was held on the 12th of this month at Cinco Design, and we wrapped up the months-long series of topics that has taken us from start to finish on a web project. This time around the topic was “Getting to Launch” and included lots of great talks about the strategies of successful project launches and perils that are likely to arise at launch time.


Three group breakouts each addressed the topic from a different angle. One group focused on internal steps to get to launch, including wrapping up QA, deployment process, and getting the team over both real and imagined hurdles to be willing to comfortably launch projects given that the nature of the web is that things are never truly done. A second group focused on the external aspects of a successful launch, which included topics like how to stem the tide of ongoing bug tickets and new feature requests to convince a client the time is right for launch and if code freezes/content freezes were effective tactics. The third group investigated post-launch activities to wrap a project, including warranty periods and retrospectives. The third talk inspired a useful blog post from PDX Digital PM organizer and Planet Argon PM Olivia Halfen entitled The Retrospective Trifecta.


Thanks again to Cinco Design for hosting and for producing some amazing custom coasters as a take-home gift for attendees. Our hosts have all been great so far, and each has provided unique twists that fit their brands while seeking to support and grow Portland’s digital PM community.


Speaking of PM community, here’s a last mention of the upcoming Digital PM Summit in Austin this October. We’re big fans of what Brett Harned and the Bureau of Digital Affairs are trying to do for the craft of digital PM, and last year’s inaugural event was a smashing success and enjoyed by all who attended.

We’ll see you at the next meetup, coming up quickly on September 9th! Details on that one soon.

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