August ’15 Meetup Recap

We had a great time at Pop Art on Tuesday August 25th. Our hosts were generous as always, and very involved in leading our discussion about successful communication between PM’s and other common workplace roles.

After a greeting and introduction to Pop Art from President Paul, we broke out into three discussion groups, with a chance to switch groups half-way through.

The first group was led by Ethan, Director of Engineering at Pop Art. They talked about best practices in communicating with engineer types. Although we looked at overall trends in communication styles, it’s important to note there are differences of course between industries, companies, and individual developers. One of the final takeaways was: be open to trying a few different methods or tools for communication until you find one that works best for the people and the project.


The second group, discussing communicating with creative teams, was led by Art Director Jennifer Erts. We talked about how critical the flow of communication between a PM and CD are to a project. Sometimes even more critical, is the communication within the creative team or engineering team. She reminded us that creative team members may collaborate and communicate in a unique way, but a standout project manager facilitates talk between all teams when needed.


Our third breakout, led by Account Director Carole Hardy addressed the age-old PM balancing act of internal teams versus clients, and how to tailor communication appropriately to each group. It’s important to represent all collaborators favorably in our own communications.

Patrick Wu at Pop Art wrote a very in-depth post about this event on Pop Art’s blog here. Make sure to check out his recap as well!

We are taking the month of September off from our monthly meetups. Enjoy the last bits of summer! Next month, we’ll be back at it, meeting on Tuesday October 6th at Struck in SE Portland. Keep an eye out for that RSVP in the next few weeks, and sure you’re on the mailing list!

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