April “Meetings Suck” Meetup Recap

We had a great meetup at Uncorked Studios last week. Big thanks to Robinson and their team for hosting and planning the content for the evening.

The evening consisted of workshop-style breakouts on the topic of “meetings suck” as our starting problem statement for the evening. Using Gamestorming as a starting point, each group tackled an exercise including:


After our first exercises, we all got back together to share our findings. Not surprisingly, some common themes emerged! From there, we all broke out into groups again, but this time we did a 3-12-3 exercise where we quickly designed products to solve elements of our meeting frustrations as small groups.

Hearing the creativity of our attendees at the end of the night (from apps, to physical items, to brain scanners and electrical shocks) was great fun and inspiring. Not to mention the format for the evening itself was a meta application of some tools to improve meetings, particularly when it comes to brainstorming and planning!

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