A Quick Recap of May’s Meetup at ISITE

Thanks to all who came to last week’s meetup at ISITE Design. In a break from the small group format of previous months, I took the hour-long event to present the first dry run of my session for Drupalcon Austin coming up in a few weeks. The talk covers my experience of a growing digital agency from the perspective and approach of project management. The session covers a wide variety of topics at a high level, and there are probably a dozen slides that could be their own hour-long presentation on their own.

Areas of focus in the session include:

  • Unit change
  • Project-based versus organization-based scaling approaches
  • Changes within teams, people, process, and tools for both the org and projects
  • What it means to have a project management-based approach to growth
  • Coping with growth as a project manager and organizational leader

I got lots of great feedback from attendees on areas to cull, areas to go a bit deeper, and the points of the presentation that provide the most value. Out of the dry run I actually went back and revamped the overall order to create a bit more of the narrative for the “why” versus the “what” of growth.

The good news for anyone that didn’t make it is that a) the Drupalcon presentation will be recorded and posted following the event, and b) I’ll be presenting a similar talk a few months down the road at the Digital PM Summit. I also found inspiration to go deeper on some of the concepts in the presentation with a series of blog posts that I hope to kick off after Drupalcon and wrap up before the PM Summit.

Hopefully attendees enjoyed the format and the topic, and I’d welcome that in the future, other individuals looking to do practice runs of presentations reach out and make use of the group forum for feedback. I’m happy to accommodate if you’re interested in presenting!

Next Month

I’m already looking forward to next month’s meetup on June 10th. We’ll be using a new meetup location at FINE Design and getting back to the breakout group format covering the project life cycle to talk the development phase. Details and RSVP for that event will be coming soon!

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