A Call for an Organizing Committee!

PDX Digital PM has gotten off to a great start, and to make sure it continues to grow and evolve in a healthy fashion, it’s time to move away from a single founder running the show. It’s time to put together a small committee to organize and run future meetups!

I’ve received lots of offers of help over previous months. Too many to keep track of, in fact! A few I’ve noted, but often the conversations have happened during a meetup when I had ten other things on my mind to keep track of and those chats didn’t make it past my short-term memory.

To that end, if you’re interested in joining the committee, please email me at adam@pdxdigitalpm.com saying “I’m interested in joining the PDX Digital PM organizing committee.” and I’ll follow up. The expected commitment is roughly:

  • Attending a committee meeting/hangout/call every month or two
  • Several hours per month of organizing tasks listed below
  • Regular attendance at future meetups

I’m looking to distribute the responsibilities including:

  • Venue selection
  • Topic planning and meetup logistics
  • Meetup coordination and
  • Meetup Promotion and website management
  • Blogging

Depending on the total level of interest, I may need to be a bit selective in who joins the committee to keep the total size to 3-5 people. First priority will be given to those who I’ve actively seen involved to date in that case, and second priority will be to make sure that the committee is diverse enough to represent the group of attendees as a whole.

Thanks in advance, and please feel free to reach out with any questions if you’re interested.

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