July’s Meetup Details and RSVP

We’ll be at Instrument on Tuesday, July 14th, for our next meet-up! This time, our generous hosts are leading the discussion, with a panel on “Anti-Process.” This concept is a new way to manage projects while allowing producers to be independent creative thinkers. The focus is on encouraging a team to find “the best approach for the work” rather […]

June ’15 Meetup Recap

Thanks to all those who came out for this month’s meetup at eROI! Gerry, Ryan, and the whole team at eROI were very accommodating and gracious in allowing us use of their space. We had a great crew of approximately 30 attendees at least twice that many cookies! The night kicked off with some mingling, […]

June’s Meetup Details & RSVP

Next Tuesday, June 9th, join us for our next meet-up at eROI in Old Town! This month we’ll have a short seminar-style presentation by our very own Adam Edgerton, plus a more in-depth follow-up discussion. Adam will share with us his OSBridge presentation on “Project Fear” and its relation to imposter syndrome. The talk will define what […]